In-Bond Manufacturing Operations

In-Bond Manufacturing Operations

There are over one million Mexicans working in over 3000 Maquiladora manufacturing or export assembly plants in Northern Mexico.

 Are you interested in?

  • Lower your costs

  • Efficiency

  • Convenience

  • Manufacturing / Assembly 

…..And much more 

  • Tax incentives

  • Supply

  • Support services

  • Import/Export financing


  • Electronics

  •  Textile

  • Automotive

  • Aeronautics

  • Chemical 

InterAmerican Investment Group is positioned to assist your strategic business development efforts in this growing business sector.

The Money Transmission Industry, MSB’s

The Money Transmission Industry, MSB’s

For more than a decade, Luis V Echeverria has directly (hands on) performed in the Money Transmission Industry, acting as COO and CEO.

After re-engineering, operating and successfully participating in the sale of a MT company, in 2006 he bought a MT company turned around to a performance of 19% return on equity for 3 consecutive years and successfully sold it.
His direct involvement and direction from the incorporation of a new business, to a re-engineering process, operation and closing will prove valuable for any company wanting to:

  • Increase operating efficiency

  • Reduce operating risk

  • Improve AR and reduce defaults

  • Improve financial performance

  • Grow or consolidate for future placement

“He is a Bottom Line & Operating Efficiency activist”