Some of the 125 projects where Luis V. Echeverría has directly participated, have been in areas such as:

  • Aerospace

    ·        Strategic planning, design, ownership , operator of a vertically integrated machining, special processes and assembly operation

    ·        procured technology integration (joint venture) for several aerospace operations in Spain and Italy

    ·        6 years President of the Supply Chain Development, Strategy & Finance Commission of the BC Aerospace Cluster



    ·        development of feasibility and business plan of a US association of produce wholesalers, setting up from POS virtual technologies to all logistics, operations, process and procedures

    ·        Funding and Acquisition of a frozen fruit operation



    ·        Developed the placement strategy and sold a Mexico ink and dye plant to a foreign concern ($68m)


    Cold Storage

    ·        Developed the feasibility, funding, and project implementation of a cold storage network. Developed a master business plan for an entertainment concern corporation and remained as Chairman of the Board for three years


    §  Acquisition and debt / equity placement  for a micro-electronics company and conversion to “shelter operation”


    Banking, Financial& Mergers & Acquisitions

    §  Implementation for the merger of two insurance companies

    §  Strategic Planning Consultant for a San Diego, CA based bank. Feasibility Analysis for an Electronic Funds Transfer operation, Market and Position Study for the development of a branch network and placement of an Insurance Company .

    §  “Standard and Poor’s”  classification and approval package for a Subordinated Bond issue for a Los Angeles, CA bank.

    §  Owner operator of a Electronic Funds Transfer Company (JOM Corp.), operating in 15 US States, 7 countries and with a payment network of more than 3,500 POI

    §  appointed by the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Illinois Eastern Division.Foreign Representative for “Casa de CambioMajapara”

    §  After re-engineering, operating and successfully participating in the sale of a MT company, in 2006 bought a MSB company turned it around to a performance of 19% return on equity for 3 consecutive years and successfully sold it.

    §  Debt restructuring

    §  Private equity placements

    §  financial modeling

    • Business valuations
    • Developed the application prospectus and negotiated the investment rating for a California bank with Standard & Poor’s.
    • Consulted for a California based bank on strategic planning and new product/service development and implementation.

    §  IPO set up

    §  Syndicated a $60 million dollars placement of subordinated floating rate notes among the world’s largest banks

    §  Established new lines of credit for $750 million with more than 50 international banks.

    §  Structured the funding and acquisition arrangement of a micro-electronic manufacturing concern in Mexico for a U.S. electronics shelter operation.

    §  Performed the successful merger of two precision sheet metal firms.

    §  Placed a chemical company in the field of specialized resin production.

    §  Developed the corporate strategic re-structuring and placement of an oil manufacturing plant in Hermosillo, Mexico.



  • Health

    §  Integrated Health Services Master Development Plan ($77m), which included hospital, Clinical Laboratory, Medical Services and consulting, Therapy and Recovery Ctr, Adult Care Residence, Hotel, Pharmacy and a leisure club.


    ·        Participated and directed extensive work related to:

    ·        Costs efficiency

    ·        Manufacturing / Assembly 

    • Project Soft Landing
    • JV’s
    • M&A’s
    • Contract Manufacturing
    • Shelter operations.
    • Supply Chain solutions
    • Financial solution

    · Developed the financial and business prospectus for maquiladora investments by U.S. manufacturers and venture capital firms.


    Interim Management & Receivership.

    §  Appointed as a Certified Receiver by the California Bankruptcy Court

    §  Participated in multiple Receiver mandates in various business sectors

    §  Have performed as Interim President/CEO for various companies while in organization transition or in preparation to a merger or acquisition


    International Trade.

    §  Market search, negotiation, operations and representation of various products from Mexico into global markets

    §  Designed a Produce Cluster in Los Angeles

    • Negotiated denim export programs in Belgium

    §  Promoted international trade, structuring agreements, arranging for financing and distribution in the U.S., Canada and Europe.


    §  Structured, owned, managed and operated a shrimp production facility in Mexico, reaching a production of almost 1 million pounds per month, for the domestic and export markets 

  • In-Bond Manufacturing and Assembly

  • Leisure and Hospitality.

    §  Debt / Equity placement for a resort development in BC, Mexico.

    §  Master development plan for a developer / operator of amusement parks (total investment $17mill)

    §  Financial consolidation and marketing plan for a hotel chain in Aguascalientes and Baja California, Mexico)

    §  Development of a financial feasibility study and equity placement for a resort development in Costa Rica ($58m)


    Light & Heavy Manufacturing.

    §  Implementation and strategic development plan for the acquisition of a brush manufacturing facility in Monterrey, Mexico by a manufacturer from NC, USA.

    §  Structured the merger and integration for two Precision Sheet Metal companies

    §  Placement of a specialized ink& tint production plant.


    Oil and Gas.

    §  Manufacturing and machining operation producing parts for components for generators


    Real Estate& Hospitality

    §  Development and execution of a strategic master plan and financial adequacy for the development of middle market housing project  (total development cost $50ml)

    §  Prepared the debt re-structuring and marketing program for a hotel



    §  México / Indonesia Joint Venture of a Textile Manufacturing facility.


    Technology Development & Integration

    §  Development and implementation of a Joint Venture Strategic Plan for a IT services company.

    §  TQM & ISO 9000 consultant