Strategic Management FOR CHANGE

Gestión estratégica para el cambio.

Many companies refuse to face the reality that their businesses are in trouble or that their strategic positions are wrong. Whether a product line is no longer profitable, foreign competition has slowed growth, or technological changes have left them behind, many otherwise well-managed companies hang on for too long to the status quo. In this inflexible posture, managements time and talent go to waste, assets grow sterile, and technology falls behind. The outcome, too late to react upon change.


I will help management overcome the exit barriers that hamper strategic flexibility. Of 192 firms within Sixteen industries, the ideas presented here are applicable to almost any industry and any type of firm. The major strategic decisions facing executives today, including guerrilla strategies of underdog competitors, entry and exit barriers, the use of joint ventures to cope with the uncertainties created by erratic growth, and the management of change. The shortcomings of vertical integration, developing a framework for better reaction time.

The effects barriers on firms’ strategic flexibility are detailed, and managerial tools to cope with high barriers and declining businesses are introduced.


Strategic Flexibility is organized to provide easy reference for managers seeking to find out what strategies have worked and why. Offers practical, proven ways for

managers to expand the flexibility and responsiveness of their companies to new competitive conditions.

  • Strategic Planning.
    -Planeación estratégica.

  • Feasibility Analysis and Financial Adequacy.
    – Análisis de viabilidad y adecuación financiera.

  • Operating efficiency.
    – Eficiencia operativa.

  • Financial & econometrics efficiency
    – Eficiencia financiera y econometría (Costos y Gastos).

  • Organization and re – structuring.
    – Organización y reestructuración.

  • Acquisition Integration planning and execution.
    – Adquisición de la planificación y ejecución de la integración.

  • Market analysis.
    – Análisis de mercado.

  • Industry benchmarks and comps.

  • Merger preparedness.
    -Preparación para la fusión.

  • Temporary Management & Receivership.
    – Gestión temporal y administración judicial.